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The Hop - Taproom at HopFusion Ale Works
Google Rating by Dave


Best overall brewery experience in DFW. The beer is fantastic, the service is amazing, and the atmosphere is unbeatable. If you want good beer, and great memories, this is the best in DFW.

Google Rating by Laura B

My favorite brewery in ft. Worth. Love almost every beer. The location is awesome. Great place to look at downtown. It's near great food options. They have live music a lot. The beer is definitely affordable. I come often!

Google rating by Dave T

Dave T.

I've been to over 100 breweries Nationwide. This was my first visit to HopFusion and they have moved into the #1 spot on my rankings list.  Good atmosphere here too. This is definitely a must visit if you are in the Ft. Worth area.

Laura B

HopFusion Ale Works, national and international award winning brewery and taproom

National and International Award Winning Brewery
and Taproom

Metal Monday
Monday OG Beers

Monday OG Specials!

Every Monday from noon - 11pm.

Get drink specials ALL-DAY on any OG beer
we have on the wall including:
Feisty Blonde, Feisty Redhead, Tejano Lager, El Gran Pepinillo, Coco Anejo and Fur Slipper.

Tejano Tuesday
Tejano Tuesday at The Hop

Tejano Tuesday's

Tejano Tuesday's at The Hop!


Every Tuesday we listen to Tejano Music and lower the price of Tejano Lager (Mexican Lager w/lime) or El Gran Pepinillo (Pickle, Pepper Lager) to just $5 a pour or get $2 off six-packs of either to-go!

Proudly distributed throughout the great state of Texas

Proudly Distributed throughout the
great state of Texas

Karaoke at HopFusion Ale Works

Karaoke @ The Hop

Karaoke at The Hop - if you haven't
experienced it, you need to! Every Wednesday at 8pm.

Here, you are the rock star!
Up on the main stage, under the lights with a kickass sound system.
The words on a huge 16ft x 9ft screen and another just off stage (for the whole taproom to sing along).

It's what Karaoke was meant to be!

Trivia at HopFusion Ale Works

Trivia @ The Hop

Every Thursday at 8pm, hosted by our friends at Geeks who drink!


Win prizes:
1st place - 5 blue tokens (good anytime we are open). $7 value for beverages or merch per token.

2nd place - 3 blue tokens  (good anytime we are open). $7 value for beverages or merch per token.

Per round prizes - one red token per round. Must be used on Trivia Nights ONLY. $7 value for beverages or merch per token.

Each quiz consists of seven rounds of eight questions each, in a variety of formats, including audio and visual rounds.

Live Music
Live Music at HopFusion Ale Works

Live Music @ The Hop

Live Music on our main stage every Saturday at 7pm.


Featuring a rotating lineup of local talent, annual special events (such as our Holiday Special every December, our anniversary in late November or the United States Marine Corps Birthday in early November).

19 Beers on-tap at HopFusion Ale Works

at least 22 beer options daily, every drop brewed 40ft from the taps

Fresh infusion every Friday and Saturday at HopFusion Ale Works

Fresh infusions every Friday and Saturday - a different twist
every week!

Happy Hour
Happy Hour at HopFusion Ale Works

Happy Hour @ The Hop

Every Monday through Thursday from 4-7pm enjoy full pours of every beer for $2 off (excluding specialty beers such as barrel-aged).

Let your imagination fly, we will custom mix any beer to make a radler with our house-made lemonade, kombucha or we can mix with another beer to create something entirely unique.


200 E Broadway Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104

Brewery and Taproom

HopFusion Ale Works

HopFusion Ale Works
HopFusion ALe Works - 200 E Broadway Avenue Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Interested in having us at your location:

If you are interested in playing The Hop:

If you are interested in booking a private event:

Thanks for reaching out to us,we will respond as soon as possible.


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